Salman Khan says, “She irritates me but” in reference to Archana Gautam’s return in Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar.

Salman Khan confirmed Archana Gautam's return at the Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar. Because Shiv Thakare provoked Archana with...

Salman Khan confirmed Archana Gautam’s return at the Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar. Because Shiv Thakare provoked Archana with a subject outside the house.

The Bigg Boss presenter indicated she would be given another chance inside the house. After a protracted discussion regarding Archana’s failed attempt to choke Shiv, the decision was made.

Salman was clearly furious about how the situation changed to result in Archana leaving. Archana was taken to the activity room, where she was questioned about the event.

Salman questioned the incident further as Archana apologised for the incident. She said that no one had ever offered to be her friend when he asked her whether she had any friends. Salman noted that although Priyanka attempted to be her friend, she also failed.

Archana attempted to persuade Salman to give her another chance while fighting back the tears. Salman prompts her to name three persons who will accept her guarantee. She mentioned Priyanka and Soundarya.

Salman Khan brought up how she had let them both down, he said. Salman claimed he repeatedly watched the video and found her to be haughty. Salman brought her in and told her that although she had broken a crucial rule, there was more to the tale.

Archana Gautam’s return in Bigg Boss 16

He then interrogated the remaining Bigg Boss 16 contestants in the house on the altercation between Archana and Shiv. To hear everyone’s version of events, he interrogated them all about the incident.

He questioned everyone who believed she had wounded them intentionally. Archana did not approach Shiv with the goal of damaging him, contrary to what Priyanka and Soundarya believed. However, others disagreed.

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Then Salman presented a video of Shiv conspiring to make Archana upset with Tina and a few other competitors. Additionally, he showed a video in which Archana can be heard telling Shiv not to attend her party because she will go crazy.

In light of the scenarios played out, Salman asserted that he thinks Shiv provoked Archana, which resulted in a violent response. Salman interrogated Shiv and asked whether he thought he had provoked her. Shiv argued his case, but Salman questioned everyone on what was meant by “provoking.”

He reaffirmed everyone’s obligation to respect all castes, religions, and leaders of political parties. He spoke about that trigger but did not matter about the outside world or the Bigg Boss house.

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Salman added that Archana irritated him and urged the contestants not to annoy them. He did, however, commend her for keeping in mind that she was one of many players in this game.

Salman then enquired as to the accuracy of Archana’s exit. Although Priyanka Chahar Choudhary defended, Tina Datta concurred. Gautam Big, Priyanka, Soundarya Sharma, and Ankit Gupta voted in favour of Archana’s homecoming when Salman questioned who would want her back in the house.

Salman complimented Shiv for his planning before passing judgement, but he shouldn’t have chosen a case from outside the house. Salman then announced that Archana would be coming back.

When she returned, Sajid Khan, Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya got into a fight. Since he “doesn’t support violence,”

Sajid disagreed with the decision to give Archana another chance. But Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya stood up for her. It appears that Sunday’s episode will feature Archana’s return.


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