Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta Weeps After Knowing Her beloved Pet’s Death News

Actress Tina Datta recently learned about her favorite dog Rani's failing health from Bigg Boss on the program...

Actress Tina Datta recently learned about her favorite dog Rani’s failing health from Bigg Boss on the program. Now that it is known that Rani has sadly died away, Tina, who was escorted outside of the Bigg Boss house and informed of the tragic loss of her cherished puppy, is devastated.

When the actress returned home, she was spotted imparting this information while sobbing. She broke down in tears and expressed her profound sadness about being unable to attend the funeral rites while inside the house.

Tina Datta’s Pet Has Been Passed Away:

In 2010, Tina took in a crossbreed puppy named Rani. Rani and Bruno, her second Golden Retriever pet, were her family because she lived alone in the city. Rani’s health was impacted recently by a malignancy that she developed in her body. Before entering Bigg Boss, Tina was wholly focused on Rani’s health, rushing from one place to another to ensure she had the best care possible from the city’s top medical professionals. Tina is lamenting the loss inside the house even though Rani is regrettably no longer with us.

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Dogs are considered to be the only creatures that genuinely understand people, and it is believed that they are man’s closest friend. Thus, Rani’s presence in Tina’s life unmistakably proved that! Together with Tina, we lament the loss of her beloved Rani. The young actress will hopefully be able to deal with this loss in the Bigg Boss house with the aid of Rani’s favorite memories.


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