Salman Khan Slams Shalin Bhanot For His Obsession With Chicken

Salman Khan seemed to be sick of hearing Shalin Bhanot harp on and on about bringing chicken inside the house...

Salman Khan seemed to be sick of hearing Shalin Bhanot harp on and on about bringing chicken inside the house. Shalin has been pleading with Bigg Boss for days to bring some chicken inside the house, but he has not been accommodating.

Salman scolded Shalin for making a big deal out of it in the forthcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Friday. Chicken, chicken, chicken itna hogaya hai, Shalin apka… Main toh bolta hu ye bhi band kardo, Task shuru hone se pehle, Raat ko sone se pehle, Bigg Boss ye sab bhej kyu rahe ho yaar. Shalin, your song about chicken, has gotten out of hand. Ek toh aap bahar annoy karoge, phir andar Bigg Boss ko irritate karoge. Before the task or before bedtime… Bigg Boss, why do you tolerate it? I advise you to cut back even this much. You’ll aggravate everyone outdoors before aggravating Big Boss indoors). It is not amusing. Shalin shook his head as Salman said, “It’s damned aggravating.

Shalin Bhanot irritates Salman With His Chicken Demand:

It appears that Shalin was assured that he would receive a daily delivery of chicken for his protein needs. Bigg Boss no longer sends him his personal batch, though. Redditors have also commented on the whole affair.

“What ailment makes you so dependent on a high protein diet that you’re in this much need of help? I’m honestly curious. Has Tina told him that ALL of the chicken is for him? How arrogant. How self-centered of Shalin to keep requesting it when he is aware that doing so would prevent others from eating. & poora thoda bohot nahi. Do regular people also require protein? If there was a medical problem, Big Boss would have sent in the chicken immediately.

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They couldn’t have allowed the competitors to choose to be kind and give up their own food if they so desired. WTF is happening? It really annoys me. And those in there are actually contributing to this. This has nothing to do with chicken. If there was ever a legitimate mudda, it is this one. I also doubt that the contract would have prevented him from knowing about something like this. Why would you go to Bigg Boss if there was a real problem? Why to make things so challenging for other people, someone wrote.

Others criticized Bigg Boss for breaching their commitment while standing up for Shalin. No significant celebrity with even a modicum of respect wants to attend this concert because of their behavior. People could be hesitant to attend your concert if you promised to provide him chicken while also trying to use that as a mudda and humiliate him on the weekend ka battle.

On BB, 100 things occur daily (like People asking for cigarettes, makeup, and clothes). But BB just displays what they desire. Furthermore, they can use Shalin’s chicken agreement as mudda because they know he is a moron. But in the future, how will any famous person be able to rely on their decision-making? PS: This article does not discuss Shalin. He doesn’t exist for me, said a Reddit post.


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