Fans of Bigg Boss 16 swarm Twitter with the message, “Not Shalin, but Tina has been exposed

Bigg Boss 16: The new promotion is, to put it mildly, fantastic. This comes just as we suffered from the shock of Tina's eviction...

Bigg Boss 16: The new promotion is, to put it mildly, fantastic. This comes just as we suffered from the shock of Tina’s eviction after Shalin decided to stick to the reward money for a fair chance for all the inmates.

The inmates couldn’t contain their pleasure and developed a newfound respect for Shalin as Salman Khan praised Shalin for his tact in choosing not to press the buzzer and keeping the $25 lakh reward money that was still available.

There was a commotion and strong reactions from the convicts when Soundarya, Archana, and Sumbul were spared from evictions in the past at the expense of prize money.

Shalin glanced at Tina and Sumbul while being threatened with a gun to decide, and they both nodded in agreement for him not to hit the buzzer. Even though Tina endorsed the choice, it appears that things worsened when a few votes defeated her.

According to the commercial, Shalin is heard talking about how he couldn’t have pressed the buzzer, leaving the prize money at zero because the competitors would no longer be motivated to win. After throwing another googly,

Bigg Boss instructed Shalin to choose once more, hit the buzzer, and call her back by forfeiting the reward money. Tina returned to the house because Shalin, who was plainly disturbed and frustrated, went with his heart this time.

However, it appears that Tina is on a mission and repeats what she usually says, criticizing Shalin for not hitting the buzzer and going against what she had just said herself a few hours ago. This is followed by a massive clash between the two.

Fans of Bigg Boss 16 swarm Twitter with the message

Since there haven’t been many eliminations in recent weeks, the fans are miffed and blame the producers for the joke that the program has devolved into. They worry that the game’s allure is evaporating. Many people criticized Tina and the producers on Twitter:

Tina Datta has seen which @BiggBoss. We did so after noticing that #ShalinBhanot was sobbing near the entrance and being comforted by Shiva and Nimrit.

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The audience is curious about what film you showed her before bringing her inside. It is undoubtedly a scripted program. Whoever gets inside stays within, with no elimination.

Although we couldn’t agree more, Shalin has continued to grab the most attention this season. After Tina departs the house without touching Shalin, fans are devastated and accuse her of acting falsely.

The hugs Shalin and Tina gave each other on Bigg Boss 16 are one moment everyone will remember. Numerous memes feature the same characters giving their notorious hugs.

Weekend Ka Vaar, the drama from last night, was better than every season. What surprised everyone was Bigg Boss’ request for Shalin to make a difficult decision after Sumbul and Tina were eliminated from the competition.

Shalin decided to save the two from eviction rather than save the reward money, and Salman Khan and the other convicts both praised Shalin for his action.

What happened next came as quite a shock. Tina and Sumbul nodded in agreement for Shalin to hold off pressing the buzzer, but after Tina’s eviction was revealed, she began acting quite oddly toward Shalin.

Shalin followed Tina around the house as she said her goodbyes to the other residents.

Fans speculate that Tina’s decision to hug MC Stan twice is related to the latter’s enormous popularity. She completely ignored Shalin, which upset the fans, and she didn’t even hug him or say goodbye before leaving.



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