Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De brands Uttaran star Tina Datta a “homewrecker” and shares SHOCKING truths about her

Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De brands Uttaran star Tina Datta a "homewrecker" and shares SHOCKING truths about her..

Bigg Boss 16: The actors Tina Datta and Sreejita De from the movie Uttaran are feuding and cannot stand each other. However, we never anticipated that Sreejita would reveal some surprising truths regarding Tina. De and Soundarya Sharma were seen conversing in the forthcoming episode. While talking about Tina, Sreejita leveled some serious accusations against Datta.

According to the advertisement, Tina enjoys receiving attention from boys. She continued by saying that Tina had attempted to break up a home, which is why she was still unmarried.

According to Sreejita, “Hi nahi paati, ladko ke attention ke bina. Khudh ke ghar isi liye nahi basaa payi, bahut logo ke ghar todne ki koshish ki hai.” Sreejita said, “Aap apne aap se itna na khush ho, ki logo ko aap pull down kar ke, us mein aapko pleasure milta hai,” to further indicate that Datta takes pleasure in demeaning others.

When Tina learns about Sree’s talk with Sharma, how will she respond? Additionally, according to the regulations, a participant is not permitted to discuss the outside world much. It will be fascinating to see whether BB will view this dialogue as breaking house rules.

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Tina recently caused an unpleasant argument between Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan. Stan continued by threatening Shalin with death, which frightened Shalin’s parents.

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On Instagram, they posted the letter and said, “Salutations and gratitude for the love you have all shown for our son Shalin. Shalin agreed to go on this incredible, difficult quest. We are confident that he will triumph and win people over. But we are concerned! It was upsetting to watch our son receive death threats on national television last night.”



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