Taking the entrepreneurial world by storm is an true-blue professional, Hari Soni.

Taking the entrepreneurial world by storm is an true-blue professional, Hari Soni. - Exclusive - The Tollywood Life

We have already heard and seen about how many new young entrepreneurs have been enlightening the business world with their talent and passion. The current golden era of generation has seen a array of entrepreneurs who have mesmerized one and all and brought about a positive impact in the society, thereby providing a great impetus to the economy at large as well. Behind the successful operation of any firm, there has been passionate and driven entrepreneurs who have gone past many obstacles and hurdles to make their company compete at the highest level and in turn make it profitable. We came across one such immensely talented and passionate entrepreneur who has changed the dynamics of the business world with his innate ideas, strategies, and initiatives- Hari Soni. 

Hari Soni was just a name not known to many some years back but with years of hard work, determination, resilience and strong vision, Hari Soni is now known to many millions across the globe. From being a job seeker to job creator, Hari has ignited many possibilities, thereby making a special name and niche for himself in the business world. Hailing from Rajasthan, Hari completed his graduation from the Rajasthan University and soon seeked a job in the corporate world by working for a multinational company named Genpact. Spending some time in the company and the industry, Hari broadened his learnings at each stage and became an expert in his domain. Becoming a true-blue professional, Hari seeked excellence in each and every endeavor he pursued and constantly delivered desired results over a period of time. Hari then joined Aircel Ltd where he worked for 6 years taking the company to reach colossal success and key milestones and also gaining special recognition for himself. 

After spending some time in the corporate world, Hari felt the need to start his own enterprise and become his own boss. Being driven towards the world of business, Hari always wanted to start his own company. This further gave rise to Hari’s first venture, Kishu Enterprise. Developing his knowledge and learning with each passing day, Hari soon started to explore the real estate market and media segment. After gaining thorough knowledge of both industries, Hari then launched his other firms named KKHS Buildhomes Pvt Ltd and KKHS Media Pvt Ltd and further aims to create an extensive media house covering all the aspects of covering news, publishing platforms, consisting of electronic, print and digital.

We are certain of the fact that Hari will continue to blossom in the business world and also be a inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs.


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