Bigg Boss 16: Housemates become teary-eyed as they pour their hearts out as Shekhar Suman transforms into MC Stan’s doppelganger.

Bigg Boss 16: Housemates become teary-eyed as they pour their hearts out as Shekhar Suman transforms into MC Stan's doppelganger. - The Tollywood Life

Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan is renowned for nailing his fashion game in the ‘Bigg Boss 16′ mansion by upholding the hip-hop artist look. Given his sense of flair, Shekhar Suman makes a banging entrance this weekend for “Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman” dressed as MC Stan!

The seasoned actor, who portrays MC Stan to a tee in his superb roasting with a dash of rap, says, ‘Kyunki socha na tha aisa din aayega Shekhar Suman Mc Stan ban jaayega. 80 hazaar ke joote mein tera ghar jaayenga.

Appreciate, you feel me bro?’ The residents of the residence are upset by this! Shekhar Suman also introduces a “raapchik kavita” for the housemates and grills them in his own roasting technique amongst the roasting and rapping.

Being cut off from one’s family, friends, and other loved ones for an extended time is difficult. The show housemates’ spirits are lifted as BB personally invites each housemate into the confessional and allows them to express their deepest feelings.

Bigg Boss 16: Housemates become teary-eyed:

The housemates experience a roller-coaster of emotions as they tearfully express their innermost sentiments to “Bigg Boss.”

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There is just one emotion left after experiencing practically all of them: love! Following inquiries about Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s relationship, the couple questioned and expressed their love for one another. Will Tina and Shalin’s relationship last until the end or fizzle out?

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