Bigg Boss 16: When Shekhar Suman, dressed as MC Stan.

Another day has passed at the Bigg Boss 16 house, and we are back with the news! Tina and Priyanka talk about how she comes across as...

Another day has passed at the Bigg Boss 16 house, and we are back with the news! Tina and Priyanka talk about how she comes across as possessive in front of the audience at the start of the programme. Priyanka apologises to Soundarya and clarifies that she had believed she was interfering with Ankit and the two of them were working out their differences.

Tina speaks with Sajid about herself and Shalin. She makes it clear to him that she does not love Shalin because she is unaware of his past. If this is the case, Sajid advises that she stay away from him. Bigg Boss 16 is asked for a gift by MC Stan.

Following that, Tina and Shalin talk about their connection. While Tina is still dubious about it, Shalin believes they both like each other.

We have a lopsided connection, Priyanka tells Ankit. She claims that as a result of you, I have turned evil. I’m done with this house, he claims. She claims that by making my family my top priority, I come to seem as a terribly awful person in this situation.

Tina and Archana argue over the cleanliness of the restroom once more. You have not cleaned it sufficiently, according to Archana. Her nickname from Tina is “badtameez aurat.” Shalin and Archana argue about it as well. Nimrit makes an effort to clarify their disagreements.

Shekhar Suman performs rap songs like MC Stan while appearing as him. Shekhar Suman makes everyone laugh by joking around with the competitors.

Bigg Boss 16: When Shekhar Suman dressed as MC Stan:

First to be summoned, Priyanka sobs and laments the way her game is taking. She claims that Ankit always takes precedence over her. Bigg Boss urges her to put herself first rather than Ankit.

He then calls Shiv inside the house and inquires as to who he views as his true pals while admonishing him not to be overly charitable. Then Archana enters the confessional and sobs, stating, “I don’t injure people, but I don’t know how I got here.” She claims that although I look out for everyone, I have a really poor exterior. She claims that Salman sir scares me.

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Then Bigg Boss calls Tina and Shalin jointly. He then hands out the horoscope and instructs them to read one another’s forecast. Then he advises not to pay too much attention to what is going on outside.

Tina claims that despite my efforts, I cannot establish a line because Shalin is my sole friend. You shouldn’t be concerned about what’s going on outside, says Bigg Boss. After exiting the confessional, they embrace.

Bigg Boss then calls MC Stan and Abdu. Then Bigg Boss plays a song by MC Stan, and they both start to smile. After that, Tina tells Shalin how appreciative she is to have a buddy like him in the family.


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