In a private wedding, actor Mreenal Deshraj, aka Jhanvi Oberoi, marries Ashim Matthan.

A happy wedding day to Mrinal Deshraj and Ashim Matthan, who exchanged vows on July 10. The actress had previously revealed to E-Times

A happy wedding day to Mrinal Deshraj and Ashim Matthan, who exchanged vows on July 10. The actress had previously revealed to E-Times TV that they became engaged on June 9 and were finalizing the date for the wedding. Nobody anticipated that the couple would be married so quickly, though.

It appears that on July 5, they were married in court. On July 10, the couple will host a reception for their close friends and family. She claimed that she and Ashim are not conventional individuals and never intended to have a lavish wedding complete with all the ceremonies and traditions.

With their parents’ approval, the couple officially registered their marriage. They apparently found it difficult to live apart, so they chose to wed in holy matrimony. She claims she was blessed to meet Ashim Matthan, who spoils her a lot while also keeping her grounded.

ETimes TV, she said, “He is a man of his word, and it feels wonderful to have someone like him as my lifelong companion. To make a long story short, on July 5, we registered our marriage with the court.” Today only the couple’s family members will attend the Mehendi ceremony.

It seems that the two connected right away after meeting at a friend’s house. In September 2021, this occurred. She appears to have given up on finding love after five previous disastrous relationships. She claimed that it took her off guard when she least expected it to.

According to Mreenal Deshraj, they want to concentrate on their jobs and produce quality work. According to her, Ashim Matthan constantly motivates her to improve herself, and she adores that about ham. Mreenal Deshraj is eager to start working on TV and OTT projects.

Hindi television and cinema actress Mrinal Deshraj made an appearance in the well-known Kahiin to Hoga on STAR Plus. She played Shipra Arora, Mr. Ahluwalia’s daughter, in the play.

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She also tried out for the role of Revati, who is Sam and Kuhu’s mother. She is the main antagonist in this series and Girish’s wife. Mrinal has joined the cast of the historically accurate dramatization series Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap. She performed the unpleasant role of Uma. Her entire profile is portrayed in Mrinal Deshraj’s life tale. She is on the StarPlus television show Ishqbaaz.


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