Bigg Boss 16: After Archana Gautam disparages her ex-wife Dalljiet, Shalin Bhanot becomes combative.

Bigg Boss 16: After Archana Gautam disparages her ex-wife Dalljiet, Shalin Bhanot becomes combative. - Entertainment - The Tollywood Life

In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, Archana Gautam, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Vikas Manektala, and Shalin Bhanot got into a heated argument within the house.

Archana was observed remarking on the cuisine on Day 89 in the home. Shalin Bhanot referred to Archana as “Do kaudi ki aurat” and told her not to stir up trouble over food. The latter became enraged and included the actor’s family in their altercation. She insulted his ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur and uttered the phrase “Mujhe laga teri biwi do kaudi ki.” Shalin starts throwing chairs after losing his composure. He requests Bigg Boss call him to the confessional because he no longer wants to be on the show. When he became moved, he stated, “This is unacceptable to me; terrible people reside here. I’ll dismember her “. Priyanka, Vikas, Tina Dutta, and Sajid Khan tried to comfort him.

Vikas and Archana get into a fight.

Archana and Vikas got into a brawl as well. The latter called her “Anpadh, gavaar” to silence her. He also made remarks about her political party, which greatly incensed Archana, who retaliated by saying, “Don’t bark like a dog.” When Vikas lost his composure, he asked her to tell her father the same thing. In retaliation, Archana said,

“Don’t continue, my dad. Look in the mirror. Even being a father is impossible. You can never be a father, so I can’t even begin to compare you to my father. These people are not fit to be fathers. At a minimum, respect your wife, your parents, and your family. You are unable to raise your children properly “.


The housemates were not pleased with this and tried to break up the argument, but Vikas and Archana started making disparaging remarks about one another. Even Archana threatened to strike him, saying, “Udta paayega, tujhe aisa maarte maarte mor banaaungi na. The main Utha Utha Kar Patakti Hoon Tere jaise ko na “. Vikas responded by inviting her to touch him. Shiv Thakare steps in and prevents them from getting too near to one other as the altercation turns heated.

Vikas later told Shalin about his wife’s first pregnancy. He revealed that his wife had a miscarriage and that it would be extremely upsetting for her to see stuff like this.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana’s crude argument

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana also had a nasty argument. Priyanka was irritated by the former’s remarks regarding Shalin Bhanot’s food, and she said,

“We’ll prepare our own meals. We don’t want to eat from your hands since you are being so rude. Please be considerate of others’ needs for food. You’re not “.

Archana was asked not to make any remarks about anyone’s family by Tina Datta, who had intervened in the altercation. The latter responded by saying, “I’m someone’s sister and daughter. You are not even worth a penny.

Voot – BiggBoss 16

On the other hand, Priyanka said: “Are you not my father’s daughter? You seem to have forgotten that I’m someone’s daughter when you make really insulting remarks about me. You still shame people for their bodies and their ages “. “You will get one stiff slap, I’m giving you a warning,” she said, “Chapet padegi na ek, tujhe warning de rahi hun main.”



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