Bigg Boss 16 Day 20 Updates: Shiv Is fired, And Archana Nominated As The New Captain…

The Big Boss House saw some significant modifications on Day 20. Priyanka, Gautam, and Nimrit are shown having fun an`d making...

The Big Boss House saw some significant modifications on Day 20. Priyanka, Gautam, and Nimrit are shown having fun an`d making noise in the kitchen area very late at night at the start of the episode, which wakes up Archana and Priyanka.

As a result of Priyanka’s interrupted sleep, a verbal yelling match breaks out, with each candidate trying to defend their position (as to who started it all). Archana participates. After having her sleep interrupted, Priyanka says she won’t let anyone else sleep at night. Amid everything, Soundarya becomes a little irate with Gautam because she had previously advised him not to become involved.

Archana shatters the lighter out of rage. On the other side, Priyanka and Priyanka engage in a heated argument. MC Stan and Ankit’s back Priyanka and Manya, respectively. Everyone is talking about the last night’s incident as morning breaks. Shiv claims that Priyanka merely needed any justification to create a fight, which she received yesterday in a conversation with Sajid and MC Stan. To irritate the captain, Shiv, Archana, who is still upset, keeps breaching house rules by staying up late at night.

Archana was Nominated As The New Captain:

For a while, this goes on, and Priyanka joins Archana and starts acting in ways that upset the captain. Shiv is speaking with MC Stan, who advises him to make a solid decision and not to be afraid of anyone. Shiv tries to fix the other competitors’ problems but is unsuccessful.

Later, Bigg Boss calls everyone into the living room and informs Shiv that he expects the house captain to manage the situation better. To assist him, he grants Shiv the authority to penalize people (to either lock them in jail or put them under a box). Shiv punishes Priyanka, Soundarya, and Archana, but the punishment has little impact.

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Once more, calling the contestants into the living room, Bigg Boss fires Shiv after being dissatisfied with his leadership. Bigg Boss unexpectedly promotes Archana as captain.
However, Archana’s happiness does not last for long, as the majority of the competitors decide to defy her leadership. From the captain’s room, they take chocolates. They begin speaking in English (which is against the rules of the house).

In order to keep Archana awake at the end of the episode, in the middle of the night, Gautam, Nimrit, Shiv, Gori, Tina, and Manya start singing and making noise.


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